May 10, 2013

Nursery Reveal: Source List

Check out more pictures from our nursery reveal HERE

UPDATE: The Expedit Shelving Unit I used for the window bench is no longer available at Ikea. However, the KALLAX SHELVING UNIT is and if that had been available when I made our window benches, I would have used that one because it is a little shorter.

Source List:

Chandelier- Ikea Kristaller Chandelier
Window bench- Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit with Capita legs attached x2 UPDATE: Kallax Shelf
Window bench storage containers- Ikea Drona box
Lace sheer curtains- Ikea Alvine Spets curtains
Pink curtains- Ikea Aina curtains
White Curtain Tie-backs: Walmart Mainstays Holdback here
Curtain rod holder- Ikea Betydlig x2
Curtain rod ceiling bracket- Ikea Betydlig x2
Curtain rod- Ikea Racka x2
White finials- Ikea Vasentlig
Book shelves- Ikea Bekvam spice rack spray painted white
Floating shelf- Walmart Woodland Home Decor with Ikea Bygel Rail (spray painted) attached.
Floating shelf hooks- Ikea Bygel S-hooks
Frames- Ikea here, here, here, here, here, Hobby Lobby here and here (both spray painted white)
Changing table mirror- Hobby Lobby 12" round beveled mirror
Stencil for accent wall- Cutting Edge Stencils Moroccan Dream Allover stencil
Wall Paint Color: Behr Premium Silver Drop 
Pillows and pillow covers- Ikea assorted here, here, here, here
Mirrors above crib- Ikea Malma  x2
Lamp- Ikea lamp base and shade
White bow holder- Ikea Skurar plant pot
White container by changing table- Ikea Skubb box set of 6
White 6x6 frames- Amazon
Teal clock on shelf- Tai Pan trading
Figurines on shelf- Willow Tree here and here
Window bench monkeys- Target
Crib sheet- Target
Laundry Hamper- Target Rubbermaid
Rug- Ikea Emime flatwoven UPDATE: new rug Ikea Tastrup button rug
Window bench fabric- 2 1/2 yards of Pearl bracelet Andover fabric in Citron color
Rocking chair- inherited from my sister several years ago
Crib- DaVinci Kalani in Cherry
Nightstand by Rocker- inherited from my sister several years ago; was a wood color but I spray painted it
Alphabet poster printable- here
ABC's printable- here
I Am a Child of God printable- here
I Love to See the Temple printable- here

Feel free to ask questions if I left anything out! I'm working on some tutorials of things from the room as well.


  1. where did you get the covering over the ikea bookshelf?

  2. It's listed above under Window Bench Fabric with a link. I bought the fabric online. Here's the tutorial so you can see how we put the covering on the bookshelf together:

  3. I love your room, and it inspired me to re-decorate my daughter's room. I especially liked the idea with bookshelves - I'm going to use it. I also like your stenciled wall a lot - what color did you use for stencils? Is it some lighter shade of grey? Our room is light yellow so I am thinking about using a slightly lighter shade of yellow for stencils. Thanks!

    1. The grey paint is Behr Premium in Silver Drop. (

  4. Sorry, one more question about stencils - i'm looking now at that web site where you bought stencils, and they have supplies - did you buy any of those? i have never done this so not sure what i will need...

    1. I bought the stencil and the clip-on stencil level from Cutting Edge Stencils. The rest of the supplies (drop cloth, brushes, roller brushes, paint, etc. we bought from Home Depot since it was a bit cheaper there).

  5. so beautiful! id also like help with the stencils.. do you paint over the grey with white or do you paint the stencils in the grey? :) also ... which grey and white paint did you use?

    1. The grey paint is Behr Premium in Silver Drop. (

    2. We painted the wall with the grey paint first, then I stenciled over it with white.

  6. The grey paint is Behr Premium in Silver Drop. (

  7. Everything's beautiful!

    What kind of stapler/staple gun do you use to staple the fabric and batting to the MDF? Thanks!

    1. We borrowed a staple gun from my in-laws I don't even know what kind it was! Just your general staple gun you can buy at any Home improvement store.

  8. Great lateral thinking on bench seats how can I source the small boxes please?

    1. Here are where I got the containers for my benches.

  9. Thank u so much. I have realized mine. Very nice in my sweet girl room.

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  11. I'm starting a home piano studio this fall, and am so excited to find this blog. I want to make several these benches to go all along 2 walls of the spare room where I teach, so that there's enough seating to teach the occasional group class. Four questions: (1) Do you think they will hold up with that kind of use, assuming 3 or 4 kids of varrying ages per bench for a couple hours every 6 to 8 weeks? (2) Do you think the sturdiness is affected (either positively or negatively) with the addition of legs? I.e., Do you think the benches might be more or less likely to sag with the legs vs flat on the floor? (3) If you had 2 benches lined up end-to-end, would you recommend making one long cushion to cover them both, or two separate cushions-- one for each bench? (4) Do you know the density of the foam you used, or was it just a general foam without a density listed?


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